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Wellness Coaches USA

Your well-being and quality of life is important!

You can schedule a private time and place to meet with the Wellness Coach as often as you life, and the Wellness Coach is available via phone and email as well.

In additional, your Wellness Coach may approach you and ask for a few minutes to discuss a variety of topices that may be of interest to you or your family.  We realize your time is important and promise to make our interactions quick, meaningful and to the point.  

Your Wellness Coach is a healthcare professional, and will gladly answer any questions or provide help and advise on the following:

  • Any Health and Wellness topic

  • Health Metric Testing

  • Management of minor aches and pains or muscle soreness

Everything you discuss with your Coach will be 100% confidential.  

Contact your coach, Alexandra Giampapa, at 856-393-5496 or You can also visit the Wellness Coaches website below.

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